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Swede Sun's Ålena, Ztina 20100701-20210107

 Nord UCH

  has 2 litters behind

 Skådiskullen born 20131009, 9 puppies, 3 bitches 6 males (1 male angel dog  _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb5cf583) at the age of 6 weeks

 Scooby-Doo litter born 20151007, 5 puppies, 2 females and 3 males 

On 7/1-21, another star lit up in the sky when our Stina had to cross the rainbow bridge. Cramps and pains are gone now. 

She was our first Basset Hound and the reason we started our kennel. She became the mother of 13 wonderful puppies. Of them, 6 have become show champions. She was a wonderful mother to her puppies and very careful with them. When she went out to pee, she had to hide the puppies under a blanket and when she came back in it looked like she was counting them before carefully settling down so they could eat.

  She loved being on show. She wasn't the prettiest but she could show off. We especially remember when we went to Turku Finland. In the champion class, she and a bitch went. She was 2nd best with ck so she would join the competition. When we enter the ring again where there are 6-7 more dogs, I see how Stina takes a step into the ring and looks at the other bitches. Then she looks at me and I think she laughs and says those girls can go home now. Then when we start walking, it shines around her and the judge just looks at her. She ended up being best bitch and BOS.

You can tell a lot about this wonderful dog. She was very special and we miss her very much.


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