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A little about us and our Kennel work


We live a mile outside of Köping in an old dairy where we moved in 2003. We bought our first bass in 2010 from Swede Sun's kennel, Ålena (Ztina) as she is called. And if you've bought one, it's easy to get another one, and that's how it happened, Magdaforssen's Baloo came home to us in May 2012. Our first exhibition was in Smedjebacken, an unofficial one. With less good criticism, as she didn't show her best side :). Because of us because we didn't know better. But, we met very nice basset people, so the exhibitions became more and more. 2013 has been a good year for us. Ztina became Swedish champion and Baloo has so far received 6 certificates. 

 I, Ingrid, work as a nurse and work at night in a short-term home for the elderly. In the spare time, it is dogs that matter. I am an instructor at the kennel club and hold courses in rally obedience and puppy courses. I think laying tracks for the dogs is a fun job. Both   person tracks and blood tracks.

 I, Jarkko, am self-employed doing renovations of culturally marked houses, etc., moving log houses etc. My leisure interests are hunting and dogs. I know a few more languages like English, Finnish, and a little bit of German (speak English, Finnish and a little bit of German)

In 2012 we talked about breeding, would that be something for us. I, Jarkko have had breeding before, Cairnterrier. Late in the fall, we submitted an application to SKK for the name Bustassen. 20130702 we got it approved, the day after Ztina's 3rd birthday 😊 

 Our ambition is to breed  healthy, sound and mentally sound dogs and that they are within what the breed standard says.

Both Ingrid and I have attended SKK's breeding training with a Diploma

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