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 Harry Potter the litter 20200519

e. Lutin Du Levant De La Vieille Marne

u. Grand Awards Eija Mikaela ( Ebba )

Ebba's Puppy Diary


Today we had an ultrasound on Ebba. Veterinarian Sara saw 5-6 puppies. I think there are more. Just a feeling I have :) . Ebba has not been eating so well lately, she has also vomited. It's probably because she wasn't feeling well. Now we hope that it will pass and that she will start eating again.

Here is one of the puppies.


Today it is absolutely wonderful to be outside. All dogs are outside. Ebba is a true sun worshiper and lies where it is warmest. So that she doesn't get too hot, we have to take her in when she's panting too much. Her appetite has returned and right now she thinks she is getting too little food. You can see how the stomach grows every day.


The belly is growing and Ebba feels just fine. She sleeps a lot. When she is out with the others, she is mischievous and runs around. Although not all the time. It's not as hot outside now as it was last week. She thinks we are very stingy with our food, so she has started sitting next to us when we eat and wants to have a taste of our food. Must admit that she gets it sometimes, but only when the others don't see or hear. 

There will be many pictures of her lying down. Have to take some other cards on both Ebba and the rest of the gang.


When we go to bed in the evening, we notice that Ebba is a little worried. She makes a little bed in the litter box. But not so much. We suspect that it may be underway, but that it may take a couple of days before it starts properly. The puppies won't arrive until Thursday 21/5.


Ebba wakes Jarkko at 05.30, she wants to go out and pee. So he takes all the dogs out for the morning kitty. Since it is early, he goes to bed again. But just as he lays down, he notices that Ebba is beginning to squirm. He wakes me up and I lure her to the litter box. She goes to bed and she gets the first puppy, a bitch. The time is then 06.25. At 06.43 another bitch comes. Then there will be a slightly longer break, at 07.32 another female arrives shortly followed by a male who arrives at 07.40. Jarkko then takes Ebba out so she can pee a little. We are trying to get her to drink some water and also eat a little, which she is not too interested in. She washes and is very concerned about her puppies. At 09.32 it is time for the next puppy, another bitch. Then it takes an hour before the next bitch comes, then it's 10.35am. Should it only be a male. We see that there are more puppies left in the stomach, 10 minutes later a male comes. There are still puppies left in the belly, how many will there really be. On the ultrasound, the vet saw 5-6 puppies and now she has seven puppies. When the clock hits 11.13, another girl arrives and an hour later the last one arrives, a male. She has had nine puppies, 6 bitches and three males. They are evenly sized and very nice. Absolutely perfect.

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